The 2019 schedule is posted!
About Us

For two decades the Wenatchee Valley Summer Swim League (WVSSL) has been giving children of the greater Wenatchee area a competitive but recreational summer swim experience. The league was founded in 1987 by parent volunteers and continues to operate on that basis. Current member teams include: Cashmere, Ephrata, Quincy, Upper Valley (Leavenworth), Waterville and The WRAC. The league desires to increase its team membership and is currently accepting applications.



Summer league swimming welcomes fun-loving swimmers of all abilities. Beginners who meet the league requirement to swim the pool’s length will learn strokes and meet protocol. Intermediate swimmers refine their strokes and develop endurance, supporting sports participation during school months. Highly competitive swimmers of year round clubs are welcome too. They enjoy a low-key swim experience while their expertise encourages others to excel. Two scoring divisions allow fair yet exciting competition between these diverse groups of swimmers.



Swim practices begin mid to late June. A six-week season allows for regular dual season meets as well as invitational meets. League championships close the season on the last Saturday in July.


A Family Sport

Summer league swimming is true family oriented sport. Everyone has the same practice and meet schedule. Workouts give kids a chance to get their summertime wiggles out. Parents assist with a wide range of activities, from league administration to getting members of the 8&U relay to the course for their events. Meets are highly social for parents and swimmers; summer league is good old-fashioned fun.


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