Notes for Novice Swimmers

If you’re wondering whether you can join your local swim team, the answer is probably yes! Each team sets its own qualifications but in general you must do three things to join:

  • Demonstrate you can swim the length of the pool without help using any stroke
  • Fill out and sign the WVSSL Individual Enrollment Form
  • Pay the membership fee.
  • Get a racing swimsuit. It isn't required but recommended.

If you have questions e-mail them to your local team. After your first few swim practices your team may have a time trials. This is just like a swim meet but without another team present. Your coach(es) record your time swimming each stroke; breast, back, fly and freestyle. (If you can swim only freestyle, it’s OK.) Coaches use these time to place you with the right relay team. You use these first times to see how much you improve each meet. You’ll be amazed!

Your first swim meet may be confusing. If it is at another pool you can find maps on this web site. Meets begin at 6:00 p.m. but you should arrive at the pool around 5:00 p.m. Teams take turns getting into the pool and warming up before the meet. Don’t be late for warm-ups. Many important things happen during this time. Meets vary in length from 3½ to 4½ hours.

You’ll want to bring several things to a meet. Take healthy snacks and drinks, maybe a cooler, lots of towels, sweats, sleeping bags (if it’s cold), folding chairs, goggles & suit, change of clothes, shades, something to occupy you during slack times, etc.… Remember food cannot be on the pool deck!! You’ll probably be directed to ‘set up camp,’ along with your teammates outside the pool deck anyway.

During warm-ups coaches and parents write event numbers on your hands with permanent ink. This is important! The event list for regular season meets in our league is: Medley Relay (#1-10), Backstroke (#11-20), Individual Medley (#21-30), Breaststroke (#31-40), Distance Freestyle (#41-50, Butterfly (#51-60), Freestyle (#61-70), Freestyle Relay (#71-80). Most event begins with ages 8 & U and finish with ages 18 &U. The championship event list is different.

The starter gives several calls for each event. Ask your parents and friends to help you listen. When you hear your event called, go to the course and get in line. Parents cannot come in this area. The Clerk of Course will make certain you enter the pool deck for your event at the right time. Everyone works together keeping track of younger children and reminding them when to enter the course.

For Novice Parents

All parents help when a team hosts a swim meet. Try out the various jobs until you find your niche. The easiest for new parents is timing. It’s also the most fun. The meet coordinator gathers all timers just before the meet starts to review timing dos and don’ts. Then you have the privilege of watching kids streak towards the finish where you stand at poolside. You’ll be awed by the skilled, impressed by the courageous and convicted to press on towards your own personal best.

We’re glad you decided to join the Wenatchee Valley Summer Swim League this season. You’re about to discover it’s a lot of fun—for the whole family!

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